About Me


Caleb Swanson is a 14 year old amateur macro photographer, who wants people to acknowledge the complexity of God's Creation through the images he makes. He has learned from Thomas Shahan, who is a renowned macro photographer, and many Youtube videos.

Starting out, he used his BlackBerry Playbook and a little plastic magnifying glass to make some macro photos of leaves and other plants. After a long time of watching photography videos, he wanted to be able to fully control his shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and upgraded to a DSLR, the Nikon d3000. Since he couldn't take macro photos right off, Caleb Swanson tried landscapes, but that just wasn't for him. After watching more Youtube videos, he learned how to use a reversing ring and a macro filter. He has been progressing in his macro photography experience ever since.

Now that he has purchased new gear, here are some of his current gear:
Nikon D3000 and D3200 DSLRs,
Nikkor 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G and 60mm f2.8D,
two Neewer TT-560 Speedlites,
two homemade diffusers,
and other camera accessories.

Caleb Swanson's Style:
Elegant and subtle flower and insect photography with, usually, warmish colors and tones, low perspectives, and frequent use of rule-of-thirds composition. Smooth, creamy backgrounds are almost essential in Caleb Swanson's work. In summary, his work has a clean, warm feeling and a smooth creaminess.

"[Caleb's works are] beautiful close-up nature shots with lots of blur and calm colors."

I am a Crated artist.


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